D6.3 Recommendations and takeaways for freight transport planners and business organizations


This executive report encapsulates the key findings and strategic recommendations of the STORM project, a collaborative initiative addressing the rapid evolution of the freight transport and logistics sector. With a focus on digitalization, efficiency, and sustainability, the report targets pivotal stakeholders – transport planners and transportation companies and organizations.
The STORM project, through a number of deliverables, introduces innovative solutions such as new data sources, advanced analytical frameworks, and robust analytical tools. The report, succinct yet comprehensive, distils the gained knowledge into valuable insights and strategic recommendations.
The recommendations encompass adopting innovative last-mile delivery modes, enhancing data analysis via research collaboration, leveraging blockchain for security, aligning legislation with industry trends, and advocating battery trucks for long-haul freight. This report serves as a catalyst for change, envisaging a future where logistics is more efficient, secure, and environmentally responsible, thus driving the industry towards a sustainable future.
In addition to its forward-thinking insights, this report is specifically designed to empower its target groups, fostering a deep understanding of the project’s outcomes. The actionable recommendations aim to not only inform, but also equip transport planners and transportation companies with the tools they need to actively contribute to and benefit from the ongoing transformation within the industry. By translating the STORM project’s findings into practice, these stakeholders can ensure a more efficient, sustainable, and profitable future for freight transport and logistics.