Project Impacts

STORM objective

STORM aims to meet the long-term EU objectives with a specific focus on electrification, and system and behavioural modelling, by identifying key challenges and opportunities in the transition process, so to outline the future horizons and provide insights on the decision supporting tools and the expected technological changes. Our proposal on the implementation of innovative sustainable freight concepts and novel tools will contribute in particular to the requirements and outlining of novel perspectives for next generation fleets composed of electric vehicles interacting with the related infrastructure and services.ns to various actors and stakeholders from both transport domains.

STORM Response to the expected impacts 

  • Generating knowledge through identification of freight and logistics knowledge gaps and needs. STORM reviews and identifies conceptual, methodological and technical needs for analysis, monitoring and assessment of novel and emerging freight/logistics solutions.

  • Developing novel freight and logistics concepts to enable the deployment of innovative sustainable transport systems. STORM focuses on the evolution of conventional concepts by identifying new societal and technology drivers, industrial structures, and increased availability of various data sources. The research explores new concepts and scenarios through use cases enabling the sustainable deployment of innovative transport systems, logistics models and potentials to induce the growth of novel business models.

  • Enabling capabilities for research and business. The generated knowledge from STORM will be exploited throughout targeted dissemination activities, in order to support the project outcomes uptake from business and research communities, as well as policy makers.

  • Combining the knowledge and requirements for analysis of new transport concepts, as well as new concepts for data collection, management and exploitation to create new methods and tools for analysis of novel and disruptive freight/logistics frameworks including novel technological trends and technologies such as: Big Data and AI, Digitalization, IoT, Green transportation etc. 

  • STORM aims to develop and refine policy assessment frameworks and models and define new methods and models where current model and assessment methods cannot incorporate the critical features of new logistics transition concepts and business models. 

  • New strategic assessment tools will be developed, with the main objective to assess the adoption of new low-carbon transport technologies to deliver logistics services across the whole supply chain toward large-scale emission reductions. 

  • Defining the future directions for specific target groups throughout innovative transport policies e.g. research community – to cultivate and empower future ideas and industrial stakeholders and service providers to boost their growth and competitiveness by adopting the latest technologies and solutions.