STORM on 8th International Workshop on Sustainable Road Freight Transport 9th-11th November 2021

The 8th International Workshop on Sustainable Road Freight will be held online on 9th-11th November 2021. This year, the virtual workshop will be hosted by Professor Lóránt Tavasszy at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).  

In recent years we have seen increasing investments in competing propulsion technologies that could support the route to zero carbon for road freight transport, including amongst others hydrogen, battery and/or catenary based electric systems. As these technologies compete for largely the same transport market, the question arises whether preparing for them all at the same time is necessary or useful. This year’s workshop will make an effort to consolidate the current knowledge and arrive at pathways for alternative technologies, focusing on the necessary circumstances that technologies would require to perform as needed to achieve climate change goals. Contributions about progress in other areas in relation to sustainable road freight are welcome, to help define the context that these technologies will operate in.

Presentations on ways to improve the sustainability of freight transport, in particular related to the factors shaping the battle between propulsion technologies are invited:

  • Scenarios for competitive technologies
  • Evaluation methods and criteria for energy and transport systems investments
  • Logistics – technology interactions
  • User preferences towards alternative technologies
  • Standardization of technologies and logistics operations
  • Infrastructure for technologies
  • Influence of vehicle design choices
  • Policy analysis answering wicked problems
  • Covid-19 influences on technology pathways

Our STORM colleague, Dr. Jonathan Köhler from Faunhofer ISI, presented over the event some preliminary results from STORM WP2 works in his talk entitled: New Models in Freight Transport: Sustainable Supply Chains, The Physical Internet and Irreducible Complexity