STORM on High-level meeting Accelerating Electrification of Transport in Europe (ACCENT)

On 30th January, 2023, Dr. Patrick Plötz from Fraunhofer ISI, has participated on the High-level meeting on accelerating the electrification of the transport in Europe- ACCENT, organized by the Swedish Presidency of the Council of European Union. Over the meeting, he has presented insights from recent research done in STORM project related to building of charging infrastructure for freight transport in Europe – A charging infrastructure that is fit for purpose

The focus of the event was the electrification of the transport sector that is progressing at a rapid pace, but it needs to be further accelerated with the aim to reduce the transport sector’s climate impact, to reduce our dependency on imported fossil fuels and to strengthen our industry’s competitive advantage. The event was looking to identify common opportunities and discuss the need for further integration of Europe’s energy and transport sectors to enable the increased electrification of all modes of transportation (road, rail, shipping and aviation).