STORM Special Session “Future Priorities for Research and Innovation in Freight and Logistics” on ITS Congress Europe 2023

STORM project will participate on the ITS Congress Europe 2023 with a proposed Special Interest Session. The session SS41 “Future Priorities for Research and Innovation in Freight and Logistics” will be held on 23rd of May in the afternoon.

Session abstract:

Horizon Europe Work Program for 2025-2026 is already under discussion and the relevant questions for the freight and logistics community from present perspective are: What needs be further achieved beyond the current state of developments? Which areas for research and innovation need to be prioritized in Europe, to further support the green transition of the sector? In this session, EU projects STORM and Boostlog will bring insights from recent studies, analyses, and stakeholder engagement identifying future trends and needs in the freight and logistics transport and important areas where developments, information and insights are lacking and hinder the pace for practical innovations, including the aspects of digitalization, decarbonization and circular economy. In addition, EU projects AWARD and SNS ICE will shed light on current experiences and identified future needs for automation and 6G connectivity in this transport area. The findings from all projects will be further reflected and discussed over the session together with an EU representative, as an attempt to summarize and outline near future key priority development areas with high potential for contribution to EU policy objectives that need to be prioritized in future HE Research and Innovation Actions.


Dr. Yancho Todorov, VTT, Organizer/Moderator

Dr. Nikos Tsampieris, ERTICO, Moderator

Dr. Jonathan Köhler, Fraunhofer ISI, (EU project STORM), Speaker

Dr. Sami Koskinen, VTT, (EU project AWARD), Speaker

Raffaelle De Peppe, Telecom Italia, (EU project SNS ICE), Speaker

Fernando Liesa, ALICE, (EU project Boostlog)

Torsten Klimke, EU, DG MOVE