STORM with second Special Session “Innovative cases and learnings from European freight and logistics use cases” on ITS Congress Europe 2023

STORM project will participate on the ITS Congress Europe 2023 with a proposed Special Interest Session. The session SS63 “Innovative cases and learnings from European freight and logistics use cases” will be held on 24th of May in the early afternoon.

Session abstract:

This thematic session brings insights and experiences from four freight and logistics research and innovation use cases, developed in EU funded projects STORM, ULTIMO, AWARD and MOBI. The first two projects bring the angle of city logistics challenges in deployment of zero-emission scenarios in various urban settings and the role of combined automated vehicles for logistics of people and goods. The other two projects, contribute on developments related to medium/long range freight, focusing on challenges related to scenarios with automated of vehicles, including safety considerations, intermodality and cross border operations. The session will be highly interactive and while the presented cases will set the scene, various learnings and future development areas for freight and logistics will be discussed among the panel of presenters and the audience.


Dr. Yancho Todorov, VTT, Organizer/Speaker

Dr. Nikos Tsampieris, ERTICO, Moderator

Dr. Jonathan Köhler, Fraunhofer ISI, (EU project STORM), Speaker

Dr. Sami Koskinen, VTT, (EU project AWARD), Speaker

Lone-Eirin Lervåg, ITS-Norway, (EU project MODI), Speaker

Jeroen Beukers, Public Transport of Geneva, (EU project ULTIMO)